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Re: PATCH: Re: Implementation of simple newuser module (how to start?)

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> It was actually my intention that the function not be executed if it
> is not the same function loaded by this module.  If the sysadmin has
> gone to the trouble of defining a zsh-install-newuser [sic] then he
> ought to run it himself, or be able to decide when it is run, without
> this module jumping in.

OK, I can see that's reasonable, but I would hope any sysadmin
sophisticated enough to have their own mechanism would remove the
zsh/newuser module.  (We will need to add notes to INSTALL and probably
README when we know what it actually does to give the sufficiently aware

> } I've made the function a bit safer, so that if it gets run
> } automatically it doesn't trash .zshrc.
> You mean, if it gets run manually?


> I'd have been tempted to setopt noclobber after the emulate ...

As I indicated, I imagine the code will mature in such away as to make
this less relevant, but I think we're covered for now.


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