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dynamic modules without libzsh.so?


How does one build the core zsh statically (i.e. with
builtin.o etc as part of the main executable, not in
libzsh-4.2.5.so), while still having zle and zftp
and so on created as loadable modules?

None of the configure invocations I've tried seem
to work, and while config.modules has link=static for
zsh/main that doesn't seem to stop libzsh-($VERSION).so
being built, since this seems to be controlled by
the expansion of Src/Makefile.in.

FWIW, the reason I want to do this is to have a
moveable zsh binary which is not dependent on an
embedded RPATH to the shared lib (and this is on
Solaris 8 where $ORIGIN support is broken).



PS.  On Solaris with gcc 4 (and I think earlier)
dynamic modules get disabled by default - it's
necessary to set DLLDFLAGS=-shared to override
a default setting of '-G' which doesn't work

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