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Re: dynamic modules without libzsh.so?

On Aug 22,  8:01pm, Anthony Heading wrote:
} How does one build the core zsh statically (i.e. with
} builtin.o etc as part of the main executable, not in
} libzsh-4.2.5.so), while still having zle and zftp
} and so on created as loadable modules?

Several (though not all) of the dynamic linking schemes supported by
the zsh build process will not allow runtime-linkable libraries to
make reference to global symbols from a static library.  libzsh-*.so
forms a bridge in those environments, and therefore is always built
as a dynamic shared object unless the _entire_ zsh binary is static.

So the answer is, you can't do it, unless (a) your dynamic linker is
not one of those that requires it to be shared, and (b) you construct
the necessary compile and link commands by hand [or by editing the
zsh build system, which amounts to the same thing].

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