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Re: various weirdnesses with unicode support

Mikael Magnusson <mikachu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > > > * Having zsh in utf-8 locale but the terminal inputting for example
> > > > > ISO-8859-1 makes zsh enter some weird state where
> > For example, this patch uses the existing $KEYTIMEOUT variable to time out
> > the remaining bytes of a multibyte character.  If mbrtowc() reported
> > there was more, but reading the next byte took more than $KEYTIMEOUT
> > hundredths of a second, the character is returned as a wide '?' and
> > the shift state for character input is reset.
> > 
> > Much of the patch is adding the extra argument to getbyte to differentiate
> > a real EOF from a timeout.
> > 
> > Does this help?  I suspect we probably need something like this anyway.
> It seems to help a bit. If i press å (a with a ring), and then press a
> a few times, zle still seems to be in a mostly normal state. But if i
> press several å in a row i can't seem to get out.

I've checked this in anyway, with some slight tweaks: the MB state is
also reset if getrestchar() returns EOF, and I've added zle documentation
indicating that $KEYTIMEOUT is applied to multibyte characters.

I won't be much use with debugging this since I have currently no way
of generating invalid characters.  X Windows is smart enough to convert
between windows.  There may be some way of confusing it with the locale
or character set.

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