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Re: PATCH? - Re: Bug? in complist when filenames are longer than the screen

    Hi Peter :)

 * Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx> dixit:
> DervishD wrote:
> >     After the patch, long file names causes screen mess and crashes,
> > but not infinite loops.
> Still not getting this...
> One oddity, which may or may not be related is that I have a
> description line at the top 'Completing %d' (via the format style). 
> When I scroll down the list so that it's not at the top, that
> message disappears, and also the message at the bottom about the
> position in the listing jumps up one line.  This may be a
> completely different bug in the calculation.

    Probably. In the first place, I'm not using "compsys" completion
(for giving it a name...) but "compctl", and I don't have
description lines on top of the completion list.

    The only think I'm inheriting from my /etc/zshenv is PS1, but
I've tested even without it and the problem is the same. With an
empty PS1 the crash is much more difficult to have, and I even doubt
I got any crash at all with an empty PS1 last time I tested Bart's
patches :????

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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