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Dear Zsh Hackers,

The configure option --program-suffix and her sisters are quite useful, since
they enable me to maintain an up-to-the-minute developement version on a live
system, under the name (say) zsh-dev, and it is easy to switch to it using
exec - zsh-dev, etc. (as long as you set export SHELL=$ZSH_NAME in your
.zprofile). Also commands like man zsh-dev and man zsh-devoptions etc. work
nicely. However, there is a problem with man zsh-devall: since zshall.1
contains the lines

.so man1/zshmisc.1
.so man1/zshexpn.1
.so man1/zshparam.1
.so man1/zshoptions.1
.so man1/zshbuiltins.1
.so man1/zshzle.1
.so man1/zshcompwid.1
.so man1/zshcompsys.1
.so man1/zshcompctl.1
.so man1/zshmodules.1
.so man1/zshtcpsys.1
.so man1/zshzftpsys.1
.so man1/zshcontrib.1

which are not modified during make in the Doc directory, the fact all manual
pages get renamed in the make install.man by replacing zsh with $(tzsh) makes
zsh-devall.1 source the wrong manual pages. What's missing is editing zshall.1
before installing it.


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tel:+972-54-4227607 icq:179294841    Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
fax:+972-4-8293388  http://www.math.technion.ac.il/~rl/    Haifa 32000, ISRAEL
"If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all." -- Thumper (1942)
                              Monday, 21 Tishri 5766, 24 October 2005,  9:46AM

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