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Re: zshall.1

"Zvi Har'El" wrote:
> Dear Zsh Hackers,
> The configure option --program-suffix and her sisters are quite useful, since
> they enable me to maintain an up-to-the-minute developement version on a live
> system, under the name (say) zsh-dev, and it is easy to switch to it using
> exec - zsh-dev, etc. (as long as you set export SHELL=$ZSH_NAME in your
> .zprofile). Also commands like man zsh-dev and man zsh-devoptions etc. work
> nicely. However, there is a problem with man zsh-devall: since zshall.1
> contains the lines
> .so man1/zshmisc.1

I'm not sure what use people put the --program-suffix option to; it's
possibly they expect to be able to rename the files to the base programme
and have everything work, in which case zshall.1 would need to be the
way it is.  But if it's usually used the way you do, then certainly
the naming in zshall is wrong.


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