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Re: Bug#310872: zsh can't be a ksh replacement (can't trap ERR).

Bart wrote:
> (Google indicates that ksh does run
> on UNICOS; I wonder what it does with ERR in that case.)

I tried asking on ast-users and received the following answer from Glenn

| ksh does not currently handle this
| but I talked with David Korn and the next release will do the following
| the "SIG" prefix is optional for trap and kill, e.g., "HUP" == "SIGHUP"
| the change will be to do only a signal lookup when a "SIG" prefix is specified,
| and a shell trap name lookup followed by a signal lookup otherwise
| so, on systems like unicos that have SIGERR, the trap name "SIGERR" refers
| to the signal, and "ERR" refers to the shell trap on error
| "SIGERR" on systems with no SIGERR signal will fail
| this approach will handle all future non-posix signal/shell-trap clashes,
| e.g., if some system invents SIGEXIT

That would seem a far better solution to me than having a separate ZERR,
especially as it deals with future conflicts. Would it be hard for us to
do that same in zsh? We can always keep ZERR for backward compatibility.


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