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Re: zshall.1

On Oct 24, 10:03am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Re: zshall.1
} I'm not sure what use people put the --program-suffix option to; it's
} possibly they expect to be able to rename the files to the base programme


The normal use of --program-suffix would be e.g. --program-suffix=.exe
so that e.g. "cc -o zsh main.o init.o ..." becomes "cc -o zsh.exe ..."
when using a unix-oriented build system on a Cygwin-type platform where
the underlying OS requires a file extension to create an executable.

It's not supposed to affect anything but the binaries, and for Zvi to
expect it to rename things inside the manual pages -- or for zsh's build
to already be doing so in some cases -- is unusual.

We can co-opt it in the way that 21924 and 21926 have (because zsh has
already got a different mechanism for appending .exe) but I'm sure that,
somewhere, Richard Stallman is frowning.

(Of course, he was probably frowning anyway.)

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