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Re: zshall.1

"Zvi Har'El" <rl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I don't know better how people use it, but the usage has to be consistent.
> If you install your zsh as zsh-dev, and man zsh-dev, man zsh-devoptions etc
> all give you the new manual page, man zsh-devall should do the same!

That wasn't quite the point...

At least one of those prefix/suffix things was introduced so you could
install zsh in one place (where it would never be used), package it up
there, then have the package install it in the normal place.  In other
words, it would never be run in the place where it was actually installed,
it always got moved first.

I suspect the feature you're using is slightly different, and you actually
are expected to run the shell from where it's installed.  However, I've
never had anything to do with the feature, so I can't be sure.  If anyone
knows about it, they could help by saying.  Otherwise I'm inclined to
assume you're right and massage zshall.1


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